An ancient robotic monster that has a giant metallic body with a large ROM-Disc in the center of its head. Many archaeological digs in the deserts have uncovered them, and it was later redesigned to be more fortified and squat. They are believed to have been one of the most common weapons in the ancient wars, possibly responsible for the extermination of the Pendant tribe. There is another version of it modified for water warfare, called the Gobi Marine.

When it appears in Monster Rancher Advance 2, it is used as the template for the special Golems, and thus is listed with a ??? sub-type even though Henger appears in the game.

Etymology Edit

Named for the Gobi Desert, which covers parts of China and Mongolia.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 Gobi (Henger) "It is said that this monster was a weapon for the ancient war." Gobi MR2-0
Monster Rancher 4 Gobi (Henger) "The Gobi was originally built as a prototype for the ultimate weapon. These days, though, it can't even expend full power, so there isn't much to worry about." Gobi MR4
Monster Rancher EVO Gobi (Henger) "The ultimate weapon made by the ancients modeling Golem. Presently, however, its full strength cannot be exerted, so there's peace for now." Gobi MREVO
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Gobi (???) This inscription about Gobi is written on the Golem Temple in the Promiass Ruins: "The child of ___, the god of earth, the king of dust. Sealed up and power granted briefly."








Gobi MRA2
Monster Farm DS Gobi (Henger) MFDS 66
Monster Rancher DS Gobi (Henger) "It is said that the ancients built Gobi as the 'ultimate weapon' in the shape of a Golem. Today it can't operate at full power, so there's no need to panic." Gobi MRDS
My Monster Rancher Gobi (Henger) "It is a super robot relic. It seems to have been the principal cause of the destruction of an ancient civilization, and there are rumors of a powerful gun concealed in its mouth." Gobi MMR
Anime Series Gobi (Henger) For the character, see Gobi (Anime).


  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Rancher 2, use
  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Rancher EVO, use
  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Rancher Advance 2, raise a PUREBREED Golem to Class A and raise its Intelligence above 500. Explore the NW temple at the Promiass Ruins and Holly will stop to fix her makeup. She will then find an inscription which Mr. Karnab translates as the password LastARMS, which you can use to unlock Gobi. Gogmagog, Gobi Marine and Priest will also become available.
  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Gobi in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Golem (main) and a Hengar (sub).
  • To obtain a Gobi in My Monster Rancher, use


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