Harlequin MREvo

A lithe breed of Ripper that likes to show off by doing tricks. It wears a strange helmet with rattles on the back of it and has a long ribbon-like tail that allows it to perform aerial stunts. Although it is not as silent as other Rippers, it can be just as hard to defeat.

Etymology Edit

Harlequin is the most well-known of the Zanni or comic servant characters from the Italian Commedia dell'Arte. Its original name (Alkano) is simply a mistranslation of its Italian name, Arlekino.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher EVO Alkano "It inflicts damage to its enemies taking advantage of its agility and light footwork. The mysterious poker face that conceals its intentions is also said to be the secret of its strength." Alkano MREVO
My Monster Rancher Harlequin N/A Harlequin MMR


  • To obtain an Alkano in Monster Rancher EVO, use the PS1 games Final Fantasy 7 (Disc 2) or Evil Zone, or the PS2 game Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (Disc 2).
  • To obtain a Harlequin in My Monster Rancher, use
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