A sturdy breed of Golem known for its shale body and bright blue eyes. They were at one time enslaved by the ancient civilizations and used to build the ancient cities.

Etymology Edit

Named for the Moai, monolithic human figures carved from rock by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island between the years 1250 and 1500.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Maigon "Defined by his sad and longing blue eyes, he eyes the past." Moaigon MR1Maigon Book MR1
Monster Rancher 2 Moaigon "Its blue eyes remember the sad history between humans and them." Moaigon MR2-0


  • To obtain a Maigon in Monster Rancher 1, use
  • To obtain a Moaigon in Monster Rancher 2, use


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