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RootsBox RootsBox 7 February 2020

Do you need Homebrew CD-R for Monster Farm 2 ?

Dear All

I'm Japanese who loves MF2. Recently, I play this game after a long time , but I didn't have any CD.

I cannot play buck almost all monsters. So I made Homeblew CD-R(no-sounds) for monsters of Monster Farm 2.

if you need this CDs , I can sell you this CD for less than10 dollers/sheet in my web-shop. Please mail me in detail(what monster do you needs) from this web-shop .

This game is Good Game I think. So if someone are in trouble like me ,I want to help you, and I make you play fun.

Thank you.

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Aggression25 Aggression25 2 October 2017

Your Best Monster Team Possible

What would your best team of monsters be if possible? They can be any number between one through seven, any species, element or preference.

A possible team is a Knight Moochi, Scaled Jell, Zilla, Golem, Pirate Dragon, Monol and Tiger.

What would your team consist of?

--Traitor Hater 2000 (talk) 05:24, October 2, 2017 (UTC)

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Marquise16cupid Marquise16cupid 4 May 2017


which monster was most challenging to beat in mr2 legend ?

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Aggression25 Aggression25 27 April 2017

Who's greater: Phoenix or Moo?

We all know that Phoenix and Moo were equally matched against each other, but who do you favor over the other?

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