Chaos Ripper
Chaos Ripper

An ancient and powerful breed of Ripper with long shaggy ears and black and brown fur like a Doberman Pinscher. It wears golden jewelry, a symbol of the power that it once had while it ruled over the continents as one of the Three Beast Kings. Its dog-like attributes and the fact that all of the other Chaos Monsters are related to Abyss means that this monster is probably also related, although this has never been proven.

Etymology Edit

In Greek mythology, Chaos, the primeval void, was the first thing which existed.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "One of the three beasts that ruled over the monsters long ago. Its disagreeable temperament is a problem but it has god-like speed that doesn't let anything near." Chaos Ripper MR4
My Monster Rancher "This is a very rare breed of Ripper." Chaos Ripper MMR


  • To obtain a Chaos Ripper in Monster Rancher 4, use the CD Busta Rhymes: It Ain't Safe No More.
  • To obtain a Chaos Ripper in My Monster Rancher, use