Cleopatra "Cleo" Amino
Role Assistant
Origin Monster Farm DS
Home Borgan
Game(s) Monster Farm DS
Monster Rancher DS

Cleo Amino (or Claire in the Japanese version) is your assistant in Monster Farm DS and Monster Rancher DS. Though her father refers to her as "Cleopatra" (her full name), she greatly prefers Cleo because it's "cuter," and because it is yet another way to defy Mr. Amino, whom she is estranged from. You meet her at the beginning of the game when she is being chased by one of her father's assistants.

She offers to show you to the BOMBA front office (in the second version, she races in while you are being interviewed), and there Madame Elektra suggests that she be your breeder's assistant. As young as she is, Cleo certainly attracts the attention of alot of boy Breeders throughout the game, including Errick and Ross, and although she has a pure-hearted personality she does tend to ramble on a bit. During the process of unlocking Zan, she shows mild cowardice, becoming extremely nervous and at one point begging your monster to defend her.

Cleo will give you many useful tips throughout the game. At the start of every week, she will inform you of your monster's Stress and Fatigue levels, and will also inform you before a tournament if your monster is somewhat stressed or tired.

Cleo later appears as C-2 Class tournament opponent in My Monster Rancher, although because of the very basic character design she does not look the same. The name is certainly a nod to the character, though.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
My Monster Rancher Piroro Piroro Level 11. Used in the Banjo Cup, Dilruba Cup, and Mandolin Awards.