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Cup Jelly
Cup Jelly MR2.png
Type Food
Cost 250G (MRDS)
Appears Monster Rancher 2
Monster Rancher Advance
Monster Rancher Advance 2
Monster Rancher DS

Jelly is a food that can be purchased monthly for your monster, and sometimes comes in a plastic cup. This food in particular involves the only way to unlock the monsters Ducken and Beaclon.

Monster Rancher 2

In this game, this item is important for more than just feeding, but the feeding stats are:

It also subtracts 3 points from Form, so it can make your monster slightly lose weight.

In order to unlock Ducken, your monster must be fed cup jellies. At random intervals, after the monster has eaten, a diamond mark may be found on the lid. After 5 marks have been collected, Colt will mail the lids off to obtain a Quack Doll. When combined with the Strong Glue, it creates a special combination item for creating a Ducken.

For Beaclon to be unlocked, in addition to the method for cocooning, your Worm must be fed 30 cup jellies.

Monster Rancher DS

Slightly decreases your monster's Fatigue.