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Japanese Disuku
Type Artificial.png
Element Stone / Light

Disks are monsters that have disguised themselves to look much like the unlockable mystery discs (quite possibly a type of Magic in disguise), but they do not actually contain another monster. Disks only appear in Monster Rancher 1 and when transferred over to Monster Rancher 2 become Nitons. There are two sub-breeds of Disk that can be obtained from specific CDs. Merging these two is the only way to get a purebred Disk monster without cheat codes. Disk monsters appear in several other games as unobtainable monsters.

Surprisingly, Disks were voted second most popular monster on February 28, 2002 in an official Tecmo poll. This implies that the Disk being such a hard-to-find secret made it a sought-after creature type.


The word disk denotes the shape that this monster takes. It looks like a computer disc.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Until recently, nobody knew that this CD was a monster. Disk MR1.png
Monster Rancher Explorer Non-playable Obstacle. Cannot be moved or hit. Regenerates enemy monsters to attack you. Disk MREx.png


  • To obtain a Disk in Monster Rancher 1, you must mix any two of the ??? Sub-type Disks together. Data in the game suggests that a purebred Disk was the only non-??? Sub-type secret monster that would be obtainable off of a CD, however the coding is mis-numbered and instead allows the player to obtain a purebred Doodle off of a certain disk after the species is unlocked.


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