Geemo (also spelled Gimo) is a rare breed of Baku that looks like a large, bony warthog. It first appears as a non-playable enemy monster in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon. All of the Bakus in the Online games are patterned after its body type. Because of its pink, hairless hyde, it looks to be related to Salamander. It first becomes available to raise in Monster Rancher DS.

A specifically powerful Geemo named Dongimosu (level 25) resides on level 5 of Monster Farm Online.



Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher DS Geemo "This huge, peculiar creature is from the planet Onlyne, and is something between a hippo, pig, and Baku. It hates the water on this planet, but has accepted the fact it can never return to its own." Geemo MRDS
Monster Farm Online Gimo Level 6-12 Non-Playable Enemy Monster weak against Wind. They can be seen on levels 1-5 during the day on the Hills of Rusetara. Geemo MFO
Monster Farm Lagoon Gimo Non-Playable Enemy Monster seen on Sorubano, Karuma Island, Konesu Island, the Isle of Kokebuta, the Nameless Corridor and the Kureseto Basin. Geemo MFL
My Monster Rancher Geemo "It stands out due to the pink body, and it is good at hurling opponents. It only allows photographs of its good side, and spends most of its time cleaning its cabin." Geemo MMR


  • To obtain a Geemo in Monster Rancher DS, use
  • To obtain a Geemo in My Monster Rancher, use