It is said that Lamours are the most popular monsters with women because of their big, strawberry-like ears. It's said to give anyone who sees it a happy feeling, and because of the food motif many of its sub-breeds come out looking fluffy and food-like.

It is unclear whether it is supposed to be a poodle or a sheep, because many of the sub-breeds also have lamb references or wool references. Even still, the French name and the ears seem to indicate that it may be a poodle monster after all. This breed is exclusive to My Monster Rancher.

Etymology Edit

Lamour is the French word for love.


Game Description Image
My Monster Rancher "The most popular monster with women becasue of its big ears like strawberries and it's believed to be able to give anyone that sees it a happy feeling." Lamour MMR


  • To obtain a Lamour in My Monster Rancher, use


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