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This page lists all of the raisable monsters from Monster Rancher (aka Monster Rancher 1).

Each monster is a combination of a species and a sub-type. The unique monsters have a ??? sub-type and are only unlockable through certain CDs.

The base stats of each monster are different depending on which CD was used to first create it.


Name Main Sub
Dino Dino Dino
Anki Dino Golem
Lidee Dino Tiger
Valentino Dino Pixie
Shel Dino Worm
Slash Dino Jell
Mustard Dino Suezo
Spot Dino Hare
Goldy Dino Gali
Black Rex Dino Monol
Grape Dino Naga
Aloha Dino Plant
Geisha Dino ???
Gallop Dino ???
Smiley Dino ???


Name Main Sub
Verde Golem Dino
Golem Golem Golem
Ice Man Golem Tiger
Dean Golem Pixie
Magma Golem Worm
Poseidon Golem Jell
Titan Golem Suezo
Maigon Golem Hare
Amenho Golem Gali
Shadow Golem Monol
Marble Golem Naga
Echo Golem Plant
Bikini Golem ???


Name Main Sub
Dento Tiger Dino
Toto Tiger Golem
Tiger Tiger Tiger
Deton Tiger Pixie
Yakuto Tiger Worm
Frost Tiger Jell
Mono Eye Tiger Suezo
Rover Tiger Hare
Ballon Tiger Gali
Velvet Tiger Monol
Cabalos Tiger Naga
Leafy Tiger Plant
Gray Wolf Tiger ???


Name Main Sub
Dixie Pixie Dino
Vixen Pixie Golem
Mint Pixie Tiger
Pixie Pixie Pixie
Radar Pixie Worm
Nymph Pixie Jell
Vanity Pixie Suezo
Mopsy Pixie Hare
Angel Pixie Gali
Prism Pixie Monol
Allure Pixie Naga
Serene Pixie Plant
Bunny Pixie ???
Platinum Pixie ???
Eve Pixie ???


Name Main Sub
Gecko Worm Dino
Rock Worm Worm Golem
Drill Worm Tiger
Red Worm Worm Pixie
Worm Worm Worm
Tubby Worm Jell
Eye Guy Worm Suezo
Karone Worm Hare
Mask Worm Worm Gali
Pull Worm Worm Monol
Wing Worm Worm Naga
Rainbow Worm Plant
Tank Worm ???


Name Main Sub
Scales Jell Dino
Fencer Jell Golem
Icy Jell Tiger
Pink Jam Jell Pixie
Jello Jell Worm
Jell Jell Jell
Jupiter Jell Suezo
Clay Jell Hare
Gil Jell Gali
Lava Jell Monol
Papad Jell Naga
Kelp Jell Plant
Stripe Jell ???
Sam Jell ???


Name Main Sub
Melon Suezo Dino
Rocky Suezo Golem
Horn Suezo Tiger
Pink Eye Suezo Pixie
Fly Eye Suezo Worm
Toothy Suezo Jell
Suezo Suezo Suezo
Woody Suezo Hare
Orion Suezo Gali
Bloodshot Suezo Monol
Noro Suezo Naga
Ray Suezo Plant
Looker Suezo ???
Planet Suezo ???
Beamer Suezo ???


Name Main Sub
Scaler Hare Dino
Stoner Hare Golem
Pulsar Hare Tiger
Buster Hare Pixie
Groucho Hare Worm
Blue Fur Hare Jell
Cross Eye Hare Suezo
Hare Hare Hare
Prince Hare Gali
Evil Hare Hare Monol
Amethyst Hare Naga
Good Guy Hare Plant
Sleeves Hare ???
Santa Hare ???


Name Main Sub
Lexus Gali Dino
Warrior Gali Golem
Sapphire Gali Tiger
Pixel Gali Pixie
Style Gali Worm
Aqua Gali Jell
Omen Gali Suezo
Galion Gali Hare
Gali Gali Gali
Gara Gali Monol
Shon Mask Gali Naga
Color Gali Plant
Gamer Gali ???
Kuma Gali ???
Milky Way Gali ???


Name Main Sub
Jura Wall Monol Dino
Obelisk Monol Golem
Sponge Monol Tiger
Ropa Monol Pixie
Sobo Monol Worm
Ice Candy Monol Jell
Sandy Monol Suezo
Groomy Monol Hare
Messiah Monol Gali
Monol Monol Monol
Asfar Monol Naga
New Leaf Monol Plant
Two-Tone Monol ???
Sky Monol ???
Scribble Monol ???


Name Main Sub
Stinger Naga Dino
Trident Naga Golem
Striker Naga Tiger
Liper Naga Pixie
Gaia Naga Worm
Cutter Naga Jell
Cyclops Naga Suezo
Edgy Naga Hare
Bazula Naga Gali
Boxer Naga Monol
Naga Naga Naga
Jungler Naga Plant
Cari Naga ???
Anguish Naga ???


Name Main Sub
Shrub Plant Dino
Rock Bush Plant Golem
Iris Plant Tiger
Allergan Plant Pixie
Usaba Plant Worm
Obor Plant Jell
Hince Plant Suezo
Spinner Plant Hare
Regal Plant Gali
Ash Plant Monol
Bad Seed Plant Naga
Plant Plant Plant
Neon Plant ???
Bonsai Plant ???


Name Main Sub
Jihad Dragon Golem
Gariel Dragon Gali
Laguna Dragon Monol
Dragon Dragon Dragon
Robo Dragon Henger
Apocolis Dragon ???


Name Main Sub
Eye Fan Magic Suezo
Kaduka Magic Naga
Kuro Magic Plant
Magic Magic Magic
Gangster Magic Henger
Ardebaren Magic ???
Zombie Magic ???
Jarod Magic ???

Hengers (Hengars)Edit

Name Main Sub
Omega Henger Dino
Gia Henger Golem
Proto Henger Gali
Reformer Henger Monol
Henger Henger Henger
Magnet Henger ???

Nyas (Mews)Edit

Name Main Sub
Lovey Nya Tiger
Mama Nya Nya Pixie
Nyamix Nya Jell
Mini Nya Hare
Nya Nya Nya
Player Nya ???
Teddy Nya ???
Karaoke Nya ???


Name Main Sub
Stone Ape Ape Golem
George Ape Hare
Great Ape Ape Gali
Pepe Ape Plant
Ape Ape Ape
Shades Ape ???
Cutie Ape ???
Hot Foot Ape ???


Name Main Sub
Ghost Ghost Ghost
Mage Ghost ???


Name Main Sub
Doodle Doodle Doodle
Jaques Doodle ???
Sketch Doodle ???
Disrupt Doodle ???


Name Main Sub
Disk Disk Disk
Gooaall! Disk ???
Radial Disk ???
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