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Japanese ナーガ
Type Fanciful.png
Element Poison

Nagas were first introduced in Monster Rancher 1 and were obtainable at the beginning of the game. They have continued to appear in almost every Monster Rancher game since then, and played a major role in the anime series.

Nagas are humanoid serpents with stingers on their tails. They have a variety of attacks, using their fangs, broad shoulders and sharp claws to create powerful combo moves. They also seem to be able to generate some types of dark energy, like when they use their "Lifesteal" or "Evil Shot" techniques.

Unlike most monsters, the animation style for the Naga from Monster Rancher 3 was kept for both of the Advance games, as it was easier to animate than the designs from the first two games. It was changed again for Monster Rancher 4 and stayed the same after that.


Nagas (Nāga in Japan) are Hindu and Buddhist myths of part-man/part-serpent beings and there female equivalent the nagini, said to be a level of deity known for their powerful poison, and for their persecution of other living things.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 "Most violent of the monsters. He lives for battles." Naga MR1-0.png
Monster Rancher 2 "This one's cruel fighting style horrifies other monsters." Naga MR2-0.png
Monster Rancher 3 "Although they say this is the most ferocious monster of all, it is actually quite careless. It often fails to catch its prey." Naga MR3.png
Monster Rancher 4 "The feisty blood that runs through its veins is always looking for a battle, and it'll do absolutely anything to win. It looks like a battle cyborg." Naga MR4.jpg
Naga MR4.png
Monster Rancher EVO "Its instincts are continuously in search of a fight. It is a monster that is worthy of its title of a battle cyborg, which does not choose its means to victory." Naga MREVO.png
Monster Rancher Advance へびのしっぼとざんにんさをもつあくやくモンスター。でも、そんなポジションもおいしいとかんがえているらしい。 Naga MRA1.PNG
Monster Rancher Advance 2 たたかいにすべてをささげたモンスター。しょうりのためなら、どんなことでもするかくごだ。 Naga MRA2.PNG
Monster Rancher DS "Combat flows in Naga's blood, and it will stop at nothing to win. Calling it a "battle cyborg" wouldn't be a stretch by any means." Naga MRDS.jpg
My Monster Rancher "The Naga is noted for its snake-like body. It has strong competitive instincts, but feels sorry for itself if it isn't always the best. The effort it puts in depends on its mood." Naga MMR.png
Monster Rancher Battle Card Naga MRBC1.PNG
Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 For more info, see Naga Cards. Naga.jpg
Monster Rancher Explorer Non-playable Obstacle. Can move in either direction but always tries to follow your character's position, destroying any crates in its path. Can be only be killed if shot. Naga MREx.png
Anime Series For the character, see Naga (Anime).


  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher 1, use
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher 2, use
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher 3, use
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher 4, use the PS2 game Jak 3.
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher EVO, use
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password Inca.
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the password 0586, but only after receiving the 2nd stable upgrade from Bint.
  • To obtain a Naga in Monster Rancher DS, you must reach Rank S and raise your monster to Class S to trigger the Four Heavenly Kings. Beat King Cop (Tourney on Dec. 1) to receive the Naga Scale to use in Combining.
  • To obtain a Naga in My Monster Rancher, use
  • To obtain a Naga Card in Monster Rancher Battle Card, use
  • To obtain a Naga Card in Monster Rancher Battle Card 2, use


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