Role Assistant

Shrine Maiden

Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Tochika (originally)

Orcoro Circus

Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

A mysterious beautiful girl with special powers, Nayuta forces her way into the Orcoro Circus troop and ends up as your assistant in Monster Rancher EVO. Her dance is part of what unlocks monsters in the game, and as time goes on you discover that she is secretly a shrine maiden from Tochika who is on a secret mission for the village leader.

Suspecting that someone is trying to reawaken Moo, the Tochikans have sent Nayuta to prevent anyone from stealing Moo's horn, an artifact that is said to be able to control him. After she fails, she returns to the village to report the distressing news, and learns from her mother that her father was actually from the world of Warp.