Role Hero
Origin Monster Rancher 4
Home Elives School (originally)


Game(s) Monster Rancher 4

Phayne is your playable character in Monster Rancher 4. Unlike most games where you have the option of at least changing your name, this game sticks to his storyline.

Phayne is left homeless after being kicked out of the Elives School. He then meets a once-famous FIMBA breeder named TeeTee and stows away on her ship, ending up on the Northern Continent in the city of Togle. He is later taken in by Cesare and learns to breed monsters on his own. As he grows in fame, Phayne travels around the world righting wrongs and eventually clears his name of the wrongdoing that got him expelled from Elives.

Phayne is generally an upbeat person. He doesn't let things bother him too much or for too long. He can get angry or upset, but he is able to stay positive and not let the situation at hand bog him down. Even after the events that lead to his expulsion doesn't bother him much afterward, though he did briefly lose hope that he wouldn't be able to become a breeder. This positive attitude has allowed him to overcome many obstacles and gain many friends. Phayne's good and accepting nature helped the alienated Rio overcome many of her problems by reaching out to her and inspiring her, becoming very close friends and partners as a result.

Phayne can be considered quite attractive, as several females have gained an interest in him. Examples include Philia, Chiho, and perhaps Rio and Yuri, all of whom are at least very fond of him. He does, however, get flustered whenever this subject arises, as evident by Mauro's teasing and encouraging him to chase after Philia, much to his and Philia's embarrassment. But like most everything else, he takes this in stride, but generally keeps such things to himself, as he cares a lot about those he is close to, thus doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by accident.