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The Ripper is a quick, skunk-like monster that stands upright with a sharp, powerful look. Rippers have sharp sickles on their arms that they use in battle, and they are known to have keen accuracy and high speed. They are able to control wind and ice and combine them to create strong attacks like their "Mute Cutter" and "Ice Pillar" techniques. They can jump very high and use their tails to slash opponents, distracting them until their claws can do damage. It is interesting that the Ripper species bears the same color scheme as Moo, and yet so far no proof has been offered that the two are genetically linked.

There was a previous version of the Naga/Pixie named Ripper, but that monster's name was changed and given to this monster when it was released.

Etymology Edit

Rippers are based on the legends of the kamaitachi, weasels that could ride on the wind and slice the ankles of unsuspecting victims.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "A speedy monster that can control wind and ice at will. The sharp sickles it has on its elbows can slice whole rocks in two." Ripper MR4
Monster Rancher EVO "This agile monster has the ability to control wind and ice at will. The sickle that extends from its elbow can slice the hardest of rocks." Ripper MREvo
My Monster Rancher "This monster is known for the powerful wind attacks it can generate with its tail. It is said that with quick movements and sharp blows it can take out a target without even being seen." Ripper MMR


  • To obtain a Ripper in Monster Rancher 4, use either the DVDs The Tuxedo or Rush Hour 2, or the CD LL Cool J - Mr. Smith.
  • To obtain a Ripper in Monster Rancher EVO, use either the DVD Romeo and Juliet (1997 Special Edition) or Spaceballs (Double-Sided, Widecreeen side).
  • To obtain a Ripper in My Monster Rancher, use


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