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Hello everyone! Welcome to the team! If you'd like to help out, here are some easy ways to get started.

  • We need serious work on the anime side of things. The character pages need info added, using the template set up already on the pages.
  • Each episode page could use more screenshots (without logos on them), a cohesive review with corrected grammar, and a list of the monsters/characters seen.
  • Please be sure to rename images when adding them to the wiki so that they are searchable. For instance, if it has a Pixie in it, you may upload a file called 008gh_pixi_h90.jpg, but it will give you the option to rename it before saving to the wiki. Please name it something like Pixie Image 002.jpg.
  • I recently found out that Monster Rancher Metropolis went under, which is TERRIBLE since it is the one single place on the English-speaking internet with archived MR Info. We need to find a way to fill in all the CD/obtaining info on each monster page. If anyone knows where to get this, please take the liberty to do so.

Let's make this place the best new info site for Monster Rancher!

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