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Wracky Card MR2.png
Japanese チャッキー
Type Artificial.png
Element Magic

Wrackys are red-haired wooden dolls wielding razor blades as weapons. They are known for their stabbing and slashing techniques, and in Monster Rancher 2, Wrackys are said to be one of the most dangerous and violent monster breeds. Wracky has by far the longest lifespan out of any monster in Monster Rancher 2, but it comes at the expense of having really low starting stats and generally being hard to train due to its ill temperament.

Because Wracky is dressed in a crisp white shirt, suspenders and a bowtie, most of the sub-breeds it creates during combining are dressed just as nicely, some even wearing suits.

They say that unlike Duckens who run on their own mechanics, and Mews who have their own souls imbued upon them, Wrackys are possessed by the souls of angry, evil or vengeful monsters who died with unfinished business.

Name and Concept

Wracky was designed to look like Chucky from the Child's Play horror movie series. Its Japanese name is Chakkī, or Chucky, and as an in-joke in the game, your first Wracky is automatically named "Charles."


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 "It carries the grudges of the monsters killed in the battle." Wracky MR2-0.png


  • To obtain a Wracky in Monster Rancher 2, reach Rank 7 and raise your Fame as high as possible. You will receive a Scary Doll item in the mail. Keep the doll when Colt asks if you want to throw it away. Let a monster die and a Wracky will appear in your barn. It is now able to be unlocked at the Shrine.


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